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Welcome to Glick Financial Solutions – Dan Glick, Principal

Glick Financial Solutions is an advisory firm dedicated to servicing the small and middle market business community. Since 1986, Dan Glick has provided advisory services and structured, arranged and negotiated financings ranging from $50,000 to $70,000,000 including independent commercial finance and factoring companies. Many of these financings required reorganization of some kind within the borrowing entity, conducted by GFS.

GFS has negotiated complex trade agreements, long term and/or subordinated debt or debt forbearance/forgiveness to facilitate the turnaround or growth of the client. GFS’s advisory and negotiation services have helped many closely held; multi-generational companies deal with the many complex organizational issues that arise in a family owned business. Lenders and businesses call on GFS to help surface, understand and remediate situations created by the misuse of funds or other financial fraud.

We proudly provide the following
Financing Solutions to our Clients:

Business Strategy1. Structure, underwrite, source and negotiate Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, Inventory and Equipment financing for all industries.

2. Structure, underwrite, source and negotiate Subordinated Debt and Equity Investments on behalf of our clients to be used for expansion, acquisition, recapitalization and turnaround.

Typical Financing engagements range in amounts from $500,000 (AR & PO) to $100,000,000.

We are actively involved in advising our Clients through the above processes and offer the following Advisory Solutions to our Clients to help with their operational, financial, organizational and generational goals:

Business Strategy1. Advisory Solutions for Closely held and/or Multi-generational family businesses. GFS has been providing advisory services in this space since 1986. We have help family owned businesses deal with the inherent conflicts that arise organizationally, help them focus as a team on the same performance goals and help build the tools to allow them to continue to provide the life style and wealth transference that must take place for this backbone of the US economy to continue to thrive. Many times, our best course of action analysis is used to present alternative pathways to the client’s family business.

2. Advisory Solutions related to acquisition or sale of a company or primary asset or division. Our advice enables our Client to understand the real market value of their company and convert that value to dollars. Working with our Client’s Attorneys and CPA’s we advise as to the most beneficial transaction structure to meet the client’s ultimate goal in the transaction. We will source the target audience and prepare an underwriting of the opportunity for their review and response. GFS then negotiates the transaction to a successful conclusion including involvement in final documentation negotiation and facilitation of communication between all involved parties.

3. Advisory Solutions for Business Turnaround. These solutions include the crafting and implementation of a turnaround strategy. Complex negotiation is typically required and GFS is our Client’s advocate when dealing with landlords, lenders, vendors and other third parties, including employees. Our solutions to these third party issues allow for the Client to focus on the turnaround and re growth of their company.

4. Ongoing Advisory Solutions for Client’s as they progress through the years. GFS acts as long term advisors to several businesses. These relationships are typically five years or longer. We function as part time Chief Financial Officers, Advisor to the principal, board or executive committee members. Our role is to help with short and longer term strategy, infrastructure needs within the organization and influence within the financial and corporate community.

5. Financial Investigative and Analysis, search and collection Solutions for those situations you wish you were not involved in. We can quickly surface fraud within an organization, quantify the damage and remediate the effects with our proven skills in this difficult space. Based upon our various skill sets, we are most often able to quickly figure out how the fraud was perpetrated and to gain the cooperation of the perpetrator to help minimize damage and maximize recovery either fiscally or timely. We maintain the professional sensitivity and ethics at all times required in this type of circumstance and strive to bring our Client’s through the fraud scenario with an operational plan of recovery.

Our clients range from start up companies to those with revenue in excess of $250 million per year.

Our solutions may be used independently, or we may provide many of them over time as is common in our long term relationships.