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Transactions and Services Summary

In all transactions, services were either performed individually by Mr. Glick or he managed a team of professionals both internal and external to the client to successfully complete the transaction or render the service.

solutions2• Provided “Best Course of Action” consulting for Multinational Consumer Products Designer and Distributor resulting in the restructure of the clients operations in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland.

• Advised long term client in the Seafood Industry on acquisition strategy and conducted negotiations to exit an international trade agreement. Advised on increased line of credit with new lender.

• Advised multi-generational Fashion Cosmetics and Studio Make Up Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer, through turnaround. Negotiated all trade and creditor issues including restructuring three leases for operating locations. Arranged for private lenders to provide purchase order and Inventory financing to support new growth agenda.

• Provided “Best Course of Action” consulting to a client performing Reverse Logistics for OEM returns and refurbished product. Assignment resulted in organizational restructuring to create a leaner, more accountable workforce. Created trade agreement between Reverse Logistics Clients to finance larger deals than the client’s capital base allowed and split profits accordingly.

• Arranged Line increase of $1 million for past client, a Commercial Finance Company, with current lender.

• Provided organizational development advisory services to Commercial Printer with staff of 22. Arranged and negotiated private mid-term capital to support growth initiatives.

• Completed stabilization and turnaround of granite converter in deep distress from the crash in the new construction market after ten month assignment. Introduced capital sources to provide recovery capital to client.

• Provided advisory services to IT Staffing Company to promote internal health and readiness for growth.

• Advised small commercial printer through turnaround, arranging short and long term financing to support the growth of the then profitable company.

• Facilitated the funding of a distributor of solar panels and installation hardware by arranging a participant for the financing of accounts receivable and purchase orders.

• Arranged participation to facilitate the funding of a security company specializing in component parts to prevent the intrusion or sabotage of electrical systems.

• Provided advisory services to plan, financially model, negotiate key administrative relationships, secure licensing, structure funding and ultimately oversaw the launch of an asset based lending company providing accounts receivable and purchase order financing.

• Consulted with medium sized Factor to identify additional niches which their disciplines would allow them to penetrate while still maintaining desired returns and bad debt ratios.

• Arranged funding for an undercapitalized asset based lender on a loan participation and profit sharing basis resulting in the lender being able to double their portfolio within a nine month period.

• Worked with a group of investor/lenders to employ their funds in Purchase Order Financing and Accounts Receivable Financing transactions. Arranged for participations with direct lenders providing those services resulting in the investors purchasing loan participations and experiencing superior returns in the process.

• Consulted with equity investors involved in a IT Staffing Company as to best course of action, ultimately resulting in a sale of the company to minority stakeholders and an exit for the investors.

• Provided turnaround and financial metric advisory services to small office equipment liquidator/reseller. Negotiated with severely delinquent and disenfranchised trade to ultimately allow for the sale of assets of the company to one of the creditors. Structured, arranged and negotiated Purchase Order Financing to facilitate cash flow to ignite sales.

• Advised $150 million revenue electronics Distribution Company on growth and structured, arranged and negotiated $4.5 million of Subordinated Debt to actualize the plan. Company exceeded plan, growing to over $250 million in revenue within five months from funding.

• Advised pharmaceutical distribution company from start-up through second year from projections through implementation from a cash flow, vendor relations and financing perspective.

• Advised Consumer Products Company on license values, ultimately negotiating the licensing applicable to two consumer products.

• Retained by mid-sized national bank to perform advisory work on specific portfolio borrowers to insure the borrowers ability to remain bankable thereby allowing the bank to continue to lend to the customers with a 100% success rate.

• Advised perishable Food Distribution Company for turnaround. Assisted in roll out of new Hispanic food line. Sourced buyer and negotiated sale of the company and employment of senior and selected personnel with buyer.

• Advised founder of branded Consumer Products Company on start up, manufacturing, marketing and distribution processes, accounting systems and arranged financing.

• Advised profitable manufacturer of grip equipment for the filming industry-commercial, consumer and professional. Cost reduction, system and process enhancement, inventory control and tracking, bank lender and creditor negotiations and restructure. Advised and negotiated divestiture of unprofitable division to division management.

• Advised Management of profitable Seafood Importer and Distributor through a management buyout from foreign parent corporation. Identified growth strategies. Structured, arranged and negotiated bank credit lines to support revenue growth from $2.5 million to $75 million over the past nine years during which time, GFS has remained the primary advisor to management of the company.

• Advised and Motivated Management of an Advertising Specialties Textile Printer/Embroiderer through severe turnaround. Identified and designed implementation for dramatic cost cutting and production efficiencies. Designed Inventory reduction program to reduce Inventory by $400,000 within four months. Negotiated major trade payables to 36 month payment plans. Negotiated continuing supply agreements with same trade vendors. Negotiated restructuring of Senior Bank and Subordinate investor loans.

• Provided advisory and arranged purchase order financing program for seasonal distributor of holiday decorations. Negotiated intercreditor agreement between senior lender and purchase order lender who provided $9 million in purchase order financing in support of the seasonal programs.

• Provided “Best Course of Action” advisory services to multi-generational manufacturer of strategic and tactical missile components. Subsequently valued the company, wrote the sales memorandum, identified the Buyer, negotiated the seller’s employment contract as President with the Buyer and closed the sales transaction. Buyer was a public company.

• Identified Buyer for Branded Snowboard manufacturing company, negotiated structure, price, terms and the seller’s employment agreement as President with the Buyer. Negotiated over $7 million of debt forgiveness to allow sale to take place.

* Structured, arranged and negotiated $6 million of Senior and Subordinate Debt to support the recapitalization of a management buyout for a major Branded strength building equipment manufacturer. Advised on potential new markets for products, facility utilization and facility relocation.

• Advised Management of Auto Parts Warehouse Distributor on profit enhancement via asset utilization. Consultative thinking allowed a new inventory purchasing and warehousing policy to be instituted increasing the inventory turnover from two times per year to approximately four within nine months as well as renewal of bank line of credit. Improvements allowed for representation, sourcing of buyer and negotiation of the sale of this company and related technology company to a national competitor. Negotiated employment agreement with buyer for seller.

• Co-founded and Directed computer Memory Company through start up, growth, acquisitions and NASDAQ listing in approximately three years. Created Branded product from “white box,” clone computer. Served as founding shareholder, raised all equity and senior debt. Directed reverse merger and the drive to NASDQ listing. Served as a member of the Board of Directors. Oversaw inventory policy. Reviewed and approved all purchasing contracts and long term supply contracts. Oversaw the credit granting policies and procedures to control Accounts Receivable performance. Approved credit lines for all major customers. Performed strategic collections of accounts receivable as necessary.