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About Dan Glick

Dan Glick is the Principal of Glick Financial Solutions (GFS). Glick Financial Solutions provides advisory financing and negotiation services to small and middle market companies. Clients are typically growing, turning around or trying to acquire or sell a company. GFS also uses its skills to perform financial investigations related to the misuse of funds and the return of those funds to the rightful owner. Past client’s range from private, closely held companies to those whose growth Mr. Glick advised to reach the NASDQ stock exchange. GFS was founded in 2005.

Dan co-founded Glick Morganstern Capital Group, LLC in June 1986. Glick Morganstern was created to provide an expert level of advice, representation and advocacy to middle market companies seeking growth, turnaround, acquisition or divestiture and the funding as required for those events.

Over the past 28 years, Dan has provided advisory services and structured, arranged and negotiated financings ranging from $500,000 to $70,000,000 including independent commercial finance and factoring companies. Many of these financings required reorganization of some kind within the borrowing entity, conducted by Mr. Glick. Mr. Glick has negotiated complex trade agreements, long term and/or subordinated debt or debt forbearance/forgiveness to facilitate the turnaround or growth of the borrower.

Dan’s advisory and negotiation services have helped many closely held; multi-generational companies deal with the many complex organizational issues that arise in a family owned business. Lenders and businesses call on Mr. Glick to help surface, understand and remediate situations created by the misuse of funds or other financial fraud.

Prior experience in Asset Based Lending was gained from three lending institutions. At U.S. Bancorp Financial in Los Angeles, in 1979, Mr. Glick was an Accounts Receivable Clerk, Field Analyst, Loan Officer and Workout Specialist. In 1982 he joined BarclaysAmerican Business Credit in Los Angeles as a Business Development Officer Trainee, subsequently becoming a Vice President of Business Development, training and developing other officers and developing a national telephone solicitation program.

In 1985, Dan joined CCB Business Credit; a Canadian Bank owned commercial finance company, as Senior Vice President of Marketing and a member of the Senior Credit Committee with $8 million of signing authority with concurrence from a second member. After spearheading the sale of this company to a New York based lender, Glick Morganstern was founded. Mr. Glick is a graduate of California State University at Northridge where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Dan has held several board seats at the request of his clients over the years. He has received several certificates and acknowledgements for Negotiation skills, Sales and Marketing Techniques including Telemarketing for service companies. He has coached youth track and field is actively involved in youth ice hockey. With his family, he spends time volunteering for various community programs and events.

Dan enjoys guest lecturing to local high school and college classes interested in business, entrepreneurship, lending, ethics, organizational development and general consulting.